Polifonetic translator’s expertise provides you with the highest quality translation
and interpretation services for your documents in English, French and Spanish.

Our accurate translation services make us the trusted choice for these three languages
for your business and personal needs, such as :
non-legal documents, web pages, email, blogs, etc.

With competitive rates and fast delivery, we guarantee our clients satisfaction.
Polifonetic helps you communicate with your clients, partners, suppliers and anyone you need to contact on a daily basis, with fluency and speed.
Polifonetic can faithfully translate your texts with high quality efficiency.
We are your trusted choice!
Marketing; Publicity & Digital Media:
Polifonetic translates your material. Take advantage of our Elite marketing service which includes the graphic design for a prompt and complete delivery.

**Not available for translations from English and Spanish to French.
This calculator is only an approximate. If you would like a specific quote, please contact us through our contact form and attach any files you would like translated. We will gladly contact you to see what your specific requirements are. Please allow one business day to recieve notification from one of our staff, since we do have to go through all documents sent. Translation times vary.

If you would like to recieve a specific quote please attach your files in PDF or DOC format and send them to the email above.

19 Rue de Saint Pol
62770 Fillièvres
Tel + 33 637 94 42 39

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